The Tragic Rape of the Sabines Statue at Accademia Gallery!

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The Rape of the Sabines, also known as the Abduction of the Sabines, is one of the most famous artworks in the gallery attracting over a million visitors yearly!

Depicting the shocking scene of a woman being abducted, it has a profound cultural and artistic significance as a Florentine Renaissance art piece.

Visitors planning to see this masterpiece at Accademia Gallery must know all about its backstory, hidden details, and more.

In this article, we’ll go into depth about the iconic statue, discover cheap tickets, and dive into the statue’s history for the most informed experience! 

Who crafted the Rape of the Sabine Women?

Hall of the Colossus

Johannes of Boulogne, also known as Giambologna, crafted the famous statue of Sabine, decorating the hall of the Accademia Gallery.

The statue in the gallery is a replica of his massive Rape of the Sabines statue standing in Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.

He worked on the original masterpiece between 1579 and 1583 as a commission for Cosimo I de Medici.

The replica you find at the Accademia Gallery today was made a few years after the original because of its popularity in Florence. 

Describing the Statue

The Rape of the Sabines in the Accademia Gallery is a 1:1 ratio of the massive 13-foot-tall statue at Loggia dei Lanzi.

It is a marble statue showing the tragic scene of a woman reaching out for help as she tries to free herself from her captor.

You can see the emotions of fear and confusion on her face as she stretches out her hand, screaming for help. 

The captor is depicted as a young man looking up at the woman’s face coldly. 

At the sculpture’s base is an older man on his knees, being pushed to the ground by the captor.

You will see a grief-filled expression on his face since he is not able to save the woman from her fate. 

The sculpture follows a dynamic S-shaped composition called the figura serpentinite style, which was popularly used among mannerist artists.

Historians believe that Giambologna was not interested in the story of the Sabine women but simply wanted to create a striking form. 

You will find many sculptures, paintings, and ancient literary works based on the tragic stories of the Sabine women worldwide. 

Read further to discover what the statue is actually about!

Accademia Gallery Tickets to see the Masterpiece

You must have an Accademia Gallery ticket to see the Rape of the Sabine statue.

Visitors can get their tickets from the entrance of the Gallery, but we recommend booking online since the gallery is one of Florence’s most visited attractions.

The standard Accademia Gallery skip the line tickets allow you to access the art exhibitions till the gallery closes with an audio guide, costing €23 for adults between 25 and 99 years.

Youth between 18 and 24 years can enjoy a discounted entry of €7, and kids 17 years and below can enter for €5! 

If you’re looking for an informative visit, we recommend taking an Accademia Gallery Guided Tour for €52 for adults between 18 and 59 years. 

You can also see the statue for free on the first Sunday of every month! 

Where is the Statue in the Accademia Gallery?

Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabine Women stands at the center of the Hall of the Colossus in Accademia Gallery.

The Hall also displays religious paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries and is the first room you will pass when entering the gallery.

These paintings were created by the most famous Renaissance artists, like Botticelli, Perugino, and Ghirlandaio, who also worked on the Sistine Chapel. 

What is the best time of the day to see the Rape of the Sabines? 

The Hall of the Colossus is open from 8.15 am to 6.50 pm, with the last entry at 6.20 pm to the Accademia Gallery.

We recommend visiting between 8.15 am and 9 am for the least crowded experience.

You can also visit after 4 pm in the evening and enjoy exploring until the gallery closes.

Do not plan to visit on the first Sunday of the month if you don’t like crowding. 

The Backstory of the Rape of the Sabine Women

The statue tells the sad story of the Sabine women, whom men took away from Rome in ancient times.

In the mid-8th century, the Roman cities were mostly made up of men, as Romulus had only male followers.

As these men feared the population decline, they decided to stretch their hands to the nearby Sabine population.

The man wanted to marry women from the Sabine community to bring them back to Rome and consider the future generations’ survival. 

The Sabines did not want Rome to become a mighty city, so they refused this offer. 

The Romans were angry at this and planned to abduct the women during the festival dedicated to the God Neptune.

They made it a big celebration, inviting people from different towns and cities to participate and watch the activity. 

It is believed that only one woman among the many kidnapped was married, while the other were all virgins.

Giambologna’s sculpture forced visitors to look at this difficult image and empathize with the suffering of these women who were taken away overnight from their homes.

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