Tips for Visiting Accademia Gallery

The Gallerie dell’Accademia is an art gallery in Florence, Italy, best known for its extensive collection of artwork by the renowned artist Michelangelo.

If it’s your first time visiting an art gallery, these tips will help you navigate Accademia.

Book the tickets in advance

Book the tickets in advance
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The Accademia Gallery or Gallerie dell’Accademia is Florence’s second most-visited art museum after the Uffizi Gallery. 

It attracts millions of visitors daily, and the entry ticket queues get long, especially on weekends.    

In regular lines, it could take upto two hours to enter the gallery during the peak season.

A simple way to get around this problem is to book your tickets online in advantage.

Purchasing tickets online is easy and convenient. This is one of the best tips before visiting Accademia Gallery.

However, you must pay an extra booking fee of €4 per ticket when purchasing online.

But when you book tickets online, you can choose your preferred day and time slot of visit. 

You can choose from Accademia Gallery tickets, from regular-timed entrance tickets to skip-the-line tours

If you plan to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, go for the combo ticket for Uffizi and Accademia and save money on both tickets.  

Book the tickets a few days before the actual day of your visit so that you get your preferred time slot. 

Note: Tickets are required for everyone six years of age and above. 

Choose the right time and date to visit

Early morning or evening is the best time to visit the Accademia Gallery.

The gallery opens from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8.15 am every day to 6.50 pm, with the last admission occurring at 6.20 pm. 

After lunch and other sightseeing, go to the gallery at around 5 pm when most of the crowd has already left.

Carry small bags only

The Accademia does not allow large suitcases to be carried inside and does not have a storage facility. 

Everyone entering the gallery must pass through a metal detector, so metal objects such as scissors and blades won’t be allowed inside.  

If you are visiting the gallery right after arriving and haven’t checked into a hotel yet, consider booking a luggage and suitcase storage facility near Galleria dell’Accademia.

If you are traveling by train, you can leave your bags at the luggage office at the railroad station. 

Stay hydrated 

The gallery can get incredibly warm with a large crowd, especially during summer.  

So one of the helpful tips to visit Accademia Gallery is to carry small water bottles to stay hydrated.

The gallery allows water bottles of upto 500 ml to be carried inside. 

Skip-the-line tickets

The lines at the gallery’s entrance get long, uncomfortable and boring.

If you want to do something other than an hour outside the gallery, buy yourself a skip-the-line entry ticket in advance. 

Carry ID proof (EU citizens)

The Accademia Gallery offers discounted ticket discounts for European Union citizens.

If you are an EU resident, you might want to carry valid identification to avail of the ticket for €7. 

Curious about history? Take a guided tour

If you want to know the in-depth history of the artwork at the Accademia Gallery, opt for the guided tours that provide a guide before visiting Accademia Gallery.

Audio headsets in the language of your choice will provide you with the details of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David and Prisoners, along with other artists’ paintings and sculptures.

Skip-the-line guided tour is a quick one-hour tour with a digital guide and free luggage deposit. 

You can also take walking tours of multiple attractions or the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery skip-the-line audio guide.

Don’t Skip the 1st Floor

The Accademia Gallery had a hall on the first floor, Florence, between 1370 and 1430

Just as the name suspects, it displays paintings of various artists from the late 14th century to the early 15th century. 

This hall remains emptier than the ones on the ground floor, but it includes engaging artwork of renowned painters such as Gherarducci, Lorenzo Monaco and Jacopo di Cione. 

Set aside at least an hour or two

Most people visit the Accademia only for the statue of David by Michelangelo, but this art museum offers a wide range of masterpieces by other artists too. 

You can learn a lot from observing these works of art, from gold-laced paintings to plaster-cast models of marble statues to ancient musical instruments.

The Accademia is not a large gallery, but for a rich experience, plan the visit for around one and a half or two hours. 

Learn about the various artworks in all seven halls of the Accademia Gallery and list those you find interesting before visiting. 

Look for exhibitions 

The gallery hosts exhibitions on different subjects almost every year. 

Some past exhibitions at Accademia include 

  • The Bronze Effigy of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra (2022) 
  • Fabric and Wealth in Florence in the Fourteenth Century. Wool, Silk and Painting (2017-2018)
  • Giovanni dal Ponte: Protagonist of Late Gothic Florentine Humanism (2016-2017)

Usually, the exhibitions last for around five months, so before visiting, check if an exhibition is currently taking place. 

You might learn about a little-known artist or a certain period in art history.

Accademia Gallery Map

Before visiting, get acquainted with the layout of the museum.

You can download the map from the Accademia Gallery’s official website.

With many hallways, it’s possible to overlook a couple, so having a general idea of the gallery in your head is better.

Plan your visit with an itinerary for the Accademia Gallery to see all the important art pieces.

Visit Uffizi and Accademia Galleries on the same day

The Uffizi Gallery is just over a kilometer from the Accademia; visiting them both on the same day might be a good idea.

You can also purchase skip-the-line tickets for both galleries and save money on individual tickets.

A more extended walking guided tour is great if you are traveling with a small group of friends.

Facilities available at the Accademia Gallery

  • The gallery allows no flash photography.
  • A few restrooms are available on the first floor of the gallery. 

Note: You should use the restroom when you see it, as traveling back to it is time-consuming. 

We hope this guise to visit Accademia Gallery is helpful for you.

You can also check out the best hotels near the Accademia Gallery for more information.

Featured Image: GalleriAaccademiafirenze.it

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